A Charles Dickens Journal

05 Th A compromise with Macrone is reached; Macrone will return the agreement for "Gabriel Vardon" and Dickens agrees to sell him the copyrights to the "Sketches" for £100 instead of £250.  
06 Fr Catherine gives birth to her first son, named Charles Culliford Boz Dickens , after his father. Mary Hogarth takes over the housekeeping duties for her depressed sister.  
Begins to write "Oliver Twist".  
In spite of a lease that has until Christmas, 1838, he decides to give up his rooms at Furnival's Inn. While house agents are searching, CD and Kate and Mary travel to Chalk for a few weeks, where he finishes revising the farce, Is She His Wife?. On several occasions he returns to London on business, but house agents have found him a house.  
21 Sa CD is elected a member of the Garrick Club.  
31 Tu The first issue of Bentley's Miscellany is an immediate success, as it includes the first installment of "Oliver Twist".  
Toward the end of the month, he became "extremely unwell, half dead with fatigue".  
The first installment of "Oliver Twist" appears in the February issue of Bentley's Miscellany  
06 Mo First performance of CD's comic burletta, Is She His Wife?. He was paid £100 for the piece.  
25 Sa Moves into 48 Doughty Street. He had obtained from Bentley an advance of £100 on his novel contract to cover the expenses of getting it ready and moving in.
His younger brother Frederick moved in as well as Kate's sister Mary coming with them from Furnival's Inn.
CD begins to exchange friendly correspondence with John Forster.  
31 Fr On the first anniversary of Pickwick the publishers sent CD a check for £500 and announced a dinner in honor of the anniversary.  
03 Mo This is the date of the tenancy agreement for 48 Doughty St.  
08 Sa Attends the dinner to celebrate the anniversary of Pickwick.  
30 Su Had his publisher Richard Bentley to dinner, along with his father John, George Hogarth, Mary, and the younger Hogarth sister, Georgina.  
03 We CD is guest of honour at the Literary Fund for its forty-eighth anniversary, - his first public speech.  
07 Sa Attended a production of his comic burletta Is She His Wife? at the St James Theatre with his wife Catherine, and her sister Mary Hogarth.  
08 Su Mary Hogarth is taken ill shortly after midnight. She dies in Charles arms at 3:00pm.  
13 Sa Mary Hogarth is buried in Kensal Green Cemetary.  
Grief stricken, Charles was unable to write for the rest of the month. In the middle of the month, he and Catherine go to a small farm in Hampstead for "a fortnight's rest and quiet". Three months pregnant, Catherine miscarried.  
This was the ONLY time in his life that he missed deadlines. The episodes of Pickwick and Oliver Twist that should have been written during this month were postponed.  
While CD is still at Hampstead, John Forster pays his first call.  
In the beginning of the month they were back in Doughty Street and CD began work on the postponed chapters of Oliver Twist.  
16 Fr Forster takes CD to see Othello at the Haymarket Theatre, and after the play introduces him to the actor William Charles Macready.  
18 Su CD dines with Talfourd, Forster, Macready and Procter.  
26 Mo CD sees Macready act and then visits in his dressing room. Forster and Browning are present.  
27 Tu Only a few days after meeting Macready, CD invited him to accompany him along with Browne, Forster and George Cattermole, on a tour to Coldbath Fields House of Corrections and Newgate Prison.  
02 Su CD writes a letter to Bentley, attempting to get better terms, due to "the increased popularity of my works".  
CD and Kate, with Hablot Browne, took a week's long holiday across the channel, from Calais to Ghent, Brussels, and Antwerp.  
CD makes an excuse not to write an installment for Bentley's Miscellany.  
Late in the month CD, with Kate and 8 month old Charley, travel to Broadstairs, where they remain until September.  
28 Th CD signed a new agreement with Bentley, which Forster had worked out. It gave him an increased salary to £30 a month, £500 for the remainder of Oliver Twist and £700 for Barnaby Rudge, and after three years, half of the copyright of each was to revert to him. Additionally, Bentley had acquired the memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, the greatest of the English clowns, when he died in May, and assigns CD the task of editing them. Through all of this, CD is still trying to finish off the last two numbers of Pickwick.  
26 Th Wrote a letter to his mother-in-law, expressing his continued feelings of loss from the death of Mary Hogarth.  
During the first week of the month, CD and Kate spent a few days at Brighton. The weather was stormy.  
18 Sa Forster negotiates a contract on CD's behalf with Chapman and Hall. CD is to receive a one third share in the copyright of Pickwick after five years, and a contract for a new work, for which he is to receive £150 for each of its twenty numbers, with the publishers to have the copyright for five years, after which it would revert to Dickens in its entirety.  
18 Sa A banquet was held to celebrate the completion of "Pickwick Papers". Chapman and Hall gave him a check for £750, as well as another check for either £2,000 or £2,500.  
CD opens his first bank account at Coutts in the Strand.  
09 Sa Charley is christened, having been delayed from June by Kate's illness and miscarriage after Mary's death.  


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