G-iliac™ Obtained Market Registration Approval by NMPA

On 13 January 2021, G-iliac™ iliac artery bifurcation stent graft system (“G-iliac™or “the Device”), the novel device self-developed by LifeTech Scientific Corporation (“the Company”), has obtained the market registration approval from the China National Medical Products Administration (“NMPA”). G-iliac™ is used for the treatment of abdominal iliac aneurysms or common iliac aneurysms. It is the first internal iliac artery revascularization device independently developed in China launching in the market.

With the increasing of aging population, the indication population of the Device is growing significantly year by year. Previously, due to the insufficient awareness of keeping the patency of the internal iliac artery, usually doctors will block the one side or both sides of the patients’ internal iliac artery to prevent the endoleak in the procedure. It could cause severe complications like gluteal claudication and ED, which seriously affect the life quality of patients. Thus, internal iliac artery revascularization is very meaningful for the prognosis, and it is becoming the current treatment trend.

G-iliac™ iliac artery bifurcation stent graft system consists of an iliac artery bifurcation stent graft, an internal iliac stent graft and a delivery system as a total solution. The Device can be directly connected to the branch of the abdominal aortic aneurysm stent graft. As a result, there are fewer connection points, making it relatively stable and avoids complications such as leakage at connection joints. At the same time, the number of stents used in the procedure can be reduced, thereby reducing treatment costs. Moreover, the Device is easy-to-use, and it can be able to apply for a variety of anatomies with its rich specifications, indicating a wider clinical application.

The clinical research result of the Device is excellent with 100% of the procedure success rate, and the 180-days postoperative patency rate of the internal iliac artery is 96.61%, which shows a very strong clinical evidence of the Device’s safety and efficacy.

The launch of the Device in the market enriched the product portfolio of the Company under its peripheral vascular disease business, and it further refined the Company’s layout to build a comprehensive endovascular solution platform for the treatment of aortic diseases.